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About Me

I was born in Mexico to parents of Spanish and Native Mezo American Indian blood (Yaqui/Tarahumara). I am a mix blood refered to as "mestizo".I have been living in the United States since the age of 3 months.This country is my home. My 1st exposure to the Native American Flute was through the music of R. Carlos Nakai.Of Ute/Navaho heritage,Mr. Nakai can be credited for the renewed interest in the Native American Flute during the late 1970's and early 1980's.His dedication to the history,legend,lore,and music of the Native American Flute has made him a highly sought after performer and curator of sorts.
My wife gifted my 1st flute in 2002 as a Christmas present. I fell in love with the beautiful and haunting melody that the flute enabled me to create and soon began a small collection of flutes. Eventually I decided to try and build my own. With some special tools,literature,and numerous questions,I began my journey.

I am a bassist of 25 yrs,a Chapman Stickist of about 3 years and a Native American Flutist of about 4 yrs.I am a member of 2 transcontinental projects.The 1st of which is Music Word Art in where our collective efforts result in the release multi-media "art packs" fusing sound,visuals,and the written word.The 2nd project is Ollin,an ambient/world/acid jazz duo releasing our music as online material only.I also am an active member with nu-jazz trumpeter Lindy Romez's group,Sol Y Mar and world fusion quartet BLANCO.I occasionally perform solo live around the Orlando,Florida area.

Juan R Leon

Please visit my site for more in depth info on my music,art,and side projects.