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Flutes for purchase

 Here you will find my latest creations.All Ollin Flutes are made from a single piece of wood that is bored out and not routed and glued together.This produces a consistent grain pattern and no seam lines.Flutes are finished with 3 coats of tung oil.The inside of the slow air chamber and foot are oiled for protection from moisture build up.All flutes are tuned into pitch @ A440 using a digital tuner.I burn all finger holes rather than drill them as this procedure adds a tight feel to the holes and imparts an aesthetic beauty.All basic flutes come with a basic stylized bird block.

I also offer "anatomical flutes".These are flutes which are crafted using body measurements and are not tuned to concert pitch.Curiously,flutes created in this traditional manner are roughly in the key of F#m.

Occasionally I will offer bamboo flutes.These unique flutes will truly be one of a kind as no two pieces of bamboo are alike.Keep your eyes open!

Please note: I am currently only able to offer my flutes for sale to local customers in the Central Florida area.If you live in the Orlando area and are interested in my flutes,please contact me via the "Contact" link in the links bar at the top of the page.Please also note that I am willing to travel up to 2 hrs from Orlando to deliver a flute to you or you may meet me half way if you wish!

Jatoba F#m flute currently for sale.

Click image for larger view

Currently for sale is this jatoba wood flute in the key of F#m.This flute features a beautiful semi-gloss polyurethane finish that really shows of the wonderful grain of the wood.The endcap consists of a hackberry ring which adds a subtle accent that contrasts nicely against the rich sienna hue of the jatoba.Measuring in at 21 1/4" in length with a 7/8" inner bore,this flute has a sweet and full tone with a slight "warble" in the lower registers and a clear and prominent character in the higher ranges.All finger holes have been "burned in" and not drilled to size leaving a nice feel and distinct look.The "rounded square" mouthpiece provides comfort and ease of play which responds well to embouchure.The maple block is a simple stylized bird design also finished in semi-gloss polyurethane and tied with a genuine black leather thong.You may view more images in the slideshow below.

Price: $240.00

If you are interested in the Jatoba flute,please contact me via the "Contact Me" page in the links bar above.

Here is a small slideshow depicting my flute creations in both finished and raw stages.

Spalted Hackberry #004 $150.00


C Sassafras w/traditional style bird block $80.00


"Luna" Gm,spalted hackberry. $180.00


"Wheel" Cm,Sassafras. $80.00


2 more bamboo flutes (both in Am) in the process of dryng.Both have had 1 coat of tung oil at this point.





When I set out to make a bamboo flute,I forget about the key as each piece of bamboo is different.These two are from the same piece of bamboo (sisters!) and turned out to be in the key of Am.The top flute has a brighter tone than the bottom one,which is a bit louder and has a mellower tone.

Bamboo flute in G# .$150.00

The flute pictured above is in the key of G#m and is made from bamboo.The buffalo is made from Epe wood and the block is maple.It has been finished with several coats of tung oil and a primer coat of an orange oil and beeswax mixture.


The Block/Bird

Pictured below is the standard block offered with an Ollin Flute. Any custom block designs are offered at an additional cost determined by the design of the block.

Standard Block design

Moon and Mountain

Eagle Head (unfinished)

Polar Bear