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Contact/Request a flute

If you are interested in owning an Ollin Flute, please contact me.My goal is to make them available on a build to order basis.


 I am currently only able to offer my flutes for sale to local customers in the Central Florida area.

 I plan on making these flutes affordable,starting at about $80.00 for a small (about 14" t0 15 1/2") basic flute in Eastern Cedar or Black Walnut,tuned to itself (not a specific key,great for solo or meditative playing). Other "keyed" flutes in the keys of C,F#,G,G#,and A will range between $100.00 to about $400.00 depending on wood type,block design, and key.Flutes can be anywhere from 14 1/2' long to 24" long and will range from a 5/8" bore to an 7/8 " bore depending on key.These "basic" flutes will include a simple block/bird with a leather or chamois tie,a tung oil or beeswax finish inside and out,and a care and basic "how to" sheet.Any custom block designs,specialty woods,finishes, or stains (on certain woods) will be extra.

                                                                       Bamboo flutes

 My bamboo flutes are subject to the availability of the the bamboo so I do not always have them in stock.I harvest all of my own bamboo and do not buy from a supplier.This takes time and the extra cost for these flutes reflects that extra time.Key availability for these types of flutes is dependent upon what size bamboo/cane is available. For this reason I will only sell what I publish on the site. In other words they will not be a "stock" or "catalog" item.The upside is that each one of these bamboo flutes will be unique.

 All flutes will be durable,and pleasing to the eyes,touch,and of course,ears.With proper care and maintenance,these flutes (or any other,for that matter), should last a lifetime.

*Please note that I do not offer bags or cases for flutes.There are other manufactures who are better suited to provide these products.Please visit the links page for a list of available makers.

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